Taught by a Speech Therapist Specializing in American English Pronunciation for Slavic Speakers

Be Understood The First Time. Move Your Career Forward. Earn More. 

Clear speech is a prerequisite to academic, personal, and professional success in life.

Oral communication proficiencies are consistently ranked in the top ten of desirable skills by employer surveys year after year. Sadly, in the United States people with heavy foreign accents are more likely to be perceived as less intelligent and capable.
We want to help by providing affordable programs that you can use in the comfort of your own home, and fit to your schedule, that will teach you how to effectively speak and be understood using Standard American English.

About the program

Our founder, Ela Britchkow, holds a graduate degree in Speech and Language Pathology and has served as a speech therapist and a communications consultant for over 30 years.

For your business lifevideo02

Our program offers specialized vocabulary and customized lessons for:

  • Medical professionals
  • Corporate employers & staff
  • ESL teachers & students

For your social life


  • No longer feel that your accent is interfering with your daily communication
  • Stop the frustration of repeating yourself to be understood
  • Feel confident when you speak

Are your dreams on hold because others cannot understand your English clearly?

Start feeling more confident TODAY!

Slavic countries accent assistance included for: Belarusians, Bosnians, Bulgarians, Croatians, Czechs, Macedonians, Poles, Russians, Rusyns, Serbs, Montenegrins, Slovaks, Slovenes, Sorbs and Ukrainians.

Over 20 million Slavs in America share a vibrant Slavic cultural and linguistic identity. Slavs are Europe’s largest ethnic and linguistic group, and we’re here to help!

Are you a business that employs or works with many Slavic language speakers? Do you teach at a school with many Slavic language speaking students? Ask us about our group rates! Contact 
us today.

Important note: at this time our software is programed to work only on Windows Products. If you are using an Apple Computer or Device, please contact us about one-on-one Skype sessions with a discount of 50% OFF your first session!
Ask us about special savings on packages that combine our Slavic Accent Reduction software with individual Skype sessions with Ela. ~

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